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What is H.A.L.O?

Jesus came to offer Hope and Love to a lost and hurting world. We, as Christians, seek to offer that same Hope and Love to the hurting world around us today. So many children and families in our area are in need both physically and spiritually. 

Vision Productions, Inc. Billy Wayne Ministries has sought to meet some of the needs of the underprivileged and "at risk" children right here at home. Bill Wayne, founder of Vision Productions, Inc., grew up in an alcoholic abusive home, yet was once shown Christ's Hope and Love from a local church body who care enough to invest in His life. 

In turn, he has grown to understand the place many of the students come from and has determined to also share the same Hope and Love he found in Jesus. The H.A.L.O program seeks to reach out to the underprivileged and "at risk" children by providing many physical needs, as well as introducing them to a Savior who can reach beyond those physical needs to their heart. 

GLOW Website Square.jpg

Each year, we serve, on average, 100 children through our I.A. Camps, Kids Explosion, and Christmas Party. Our goal is to have each of these children sponsored though the H.A.L.O Sponsorship Program. 

Please prayerfully consider investing in one of these children's lives and make an eternal difference. If you choose to sponsor a child today, please download the form below. 

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A H.A.L.O. Sponsorship is a mere $30.00 a month to sponsor one child for a year. This allows us to minister to them in several ways. Your $30.00 a month provides a child with the following...

I.A Camp

  • One Week of Summer Camp

  • Worship & Teaching Sessions

  • Discipleship & Fun

Back to school

  • Lunch & Concert

  • Backpacks & School Supplies


Confort& Joy

Christmas Party

  • Christmas Gifts for Sponsored Child & Their Siblings. 

  • Christmas Party for Sponsored Child and Their Family. 

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Vision Production, Inc.

140 Broad St Kingsport, TN 37660

(423) 343 1766

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