LampLight Theatre's Walking with The Dead Ghost Tours and Treats Night is an interactive night of storytelling that will be focusing on the history and folklore of downtown Kingsport. Our mission is always to share the gospel to as many people as possible and we take every opportunity to expose the devil's lies. We in no way promote demonology. We would just like to take this opportunity to honor Kingsport's history and rich folklore.


All Hallows Eve approaches, and so does the Living Dead. Downtown Kingsport is chock-full of haunted antiquity and mysterious tales. History comes alive as apparitions from the past materialize on the “Leerie Stage” at LampLight Theatre’s Emporium. Join our menagerie of “ghost hosts” for a night of tricks and treats. Hear not only the history of downtown Kingsport, but learn of strange happenings that still occur today. The “Walking with The Dead” Ghost Tour and Treats Night will be on Friday of Halloween weekend. This will be the kick-off event that launches LampLight Theatre’s Historical Downtown Ghost Tours that will now be available throughout the year.   


LampLight’s special ghost tour will be guided by spirits of Kingsport's forefathers and other infamous residents. Meet Rowena Ross, daughter of Frederick Ross and plantation owner of Rotherwood Mansion. Hear her heart-rending story of love and loss.  John B. Dennis, who helped establish Kingsport including the development of Kingsport Cemetery (Oak Hill), will also make a spectral appearance and help guide visitors through downtown.  The spirit of J. Fred Johnson, Father of Kingsport, still inhabits the buildings.  You will sense his passionate heartbeat as you wind your way through the model city by lantern light.  Learn of the tragic death of George Eastman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, through his own anguished final words.  Things will definitely go “bump in the night” as guests take this spine-chilling historical journey through downtown Kingsport. 


The evening will begin with Seasonal Treats of assorted desserts, coffees, and teas. The audience will be introduced to their ghost hosts, and learn about their personal lives. The audience will then be broken into groups to tour downtown led by the hosting spirits.  Guests will be asked to solve a mystery as they move through downtown while learning of the history of Kingsport and gathering cryptic clues.  Those successful in solving the mystery will be awarded a prize and granted access to a private tour of a clandestine location.   


“Walking with The Dead” will be presented by LampLight Theatre on the“Leerie Stage” at The Emporium at 146 Broad Street in Downtown, Kingsport, TN. The Ghost Tour and Treats Night will be hosted October 30th  at 7:00 PM.  Cost for the Evening is Adults - $25/ Students - $15/ Children Under 12 - $12.   Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the show. Group rates for 10 or more available. Senior and military discounts also apply. 


LampLight Theatre’s Historical Downtown Ghost Tours will be by appointment only beginning Saturday, October 31st. The Tours will be Adults and Students 12 and up - $10/Children Under 12 - $5. Tours operate daily with advance reservations required. Tours will last approximately 90 minutes. Departure times will vary and will meet at The Gift Shop in the Emporium at 146 Broad Street.      


For reservations and information, please contact the LampLight box office at (423) 343-1766, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or  click the button below! 

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