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Have you ever wanted to be in a production, but you really weren’t quite sure how to go about it?


LampLight Theatre would love to extend an invitation for you to be a part of our productions.  Because we have a new show every month, we are always in production. This means that we are always looking for new faces to be a part of our theatre family.  Maybe, it is time for you to try you to grace the stage.  We are always in need of actors/performers, singers, and dancers.  Our production team could also use more tech crewmembers.  No experience is necessary.  We are looking for people with a servant heart and a teachable spirit who wish to use their gifts to honor Christ. Audition dates are subject to change. Keep an eye on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

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 It is not necessary to have any prior experience when you come to auditions.  Every actor/performer must start somewhere.  To audition for an acting role, you must either perform a 90 second (or less) monologue, or do a cold reading of the script along with other actors.  The best way to prepare for auditions is to know your character.  If you are doing a monologue, while it is good to have your piece memorized, it is not necessary. However, we do look for emotion, facial expression, and energy during your audition.  

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 If you are auditioning as a dancer, it is best to come prepared with a 90-second (or less) choreographed piece, so that you can highlight your best skills or style of dance.  For those without an audition piece, a choreographer will teach them a dance combination with a group of dancers. The choreographer will be looking for how fast you can pick up instruction. They will also be looking for confidence and expressiveness. 



When auditioning as vocalists, we ask that you have a 90-second (or less) audition piece, which includes the best part of your selection.  This is usually a verse, chorus, or bridge.  Please choose something that is a classic and very familiar to the general public. If you can sing parts, it is a plus, but not necessary by any means.

Theater Lights


We are always looking for technical crewmembers.  We need lighting technicians, sound technicians, spotlight operators, backstage workers, wardrobers, and make-up artists.  No experience is necessary.  Our staff can train you in the areas in which you are interested.


    We love to see individuals and families get involved at LampLight Theatre.  There is a place for everyone including volunteers with our box office staff and ushering.  We want to provide people a place to use their gifts for ministering to others.  We hope that you choose to become a part of our theatre family.  

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